Tom Ayala PhD

Dr. Ayala's unique qualifications include in-depth expertise in Clinical and Business Psychology, where applied psychological science interacts in social organizational domains.

About Dr. Tom Ayala

Dr. Ayala is uniquely qualified to understand Business Psychology, where psychological science interacts with social workplace environments.


Dr. Thomas Ayala

PhD - Organizational Leadership                                                                                                    Department of Business Psychology

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology                                                                                                * Academic Distinction - 4.0                                                                                                              Dissertation Topic: The Interaction of Psychosocial Development, Social Identity and The Leadership Making Model in a Low-Quality LMX Follower Domain

Professional Studies - Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Oregon State University

Master of Arts – Counseling Psychology
George Fox University

Master of Science - Interdisciplinary Studies
California State University, Stanislaus

Professional Studies - Management: ​Lincoln University, New Zealand

Thomas Ayala PhD is a skilled organizational advisor, counselor, and change agent. He is adept and comfortable in the role of organizational consultant, yet contrasts that role with management of an outpatient mental health clinic.  A diverse and talented individual, Tom possesses influential knowledge and notable interest in the field of psychology. When people invest in someone to help them navigate the challenges and toils of leadership development and organizational culture they desire a bonifide expert who can apply known theories and a successful experiential track record. l Most people spend a third of their adult lives at work. Between the pressures of daily living and stressful (often times dysfunctional) . Work defines people in the most basic way, which is one reason retirement is so difficult for many people. Other key business psychology interests include matching people and jobs, finding ways to reduce workplace stress and studying people's motivation and job satisfaction.

People Solutions' clients receive support from a highly qualified business coach. Small to mid-sized companies of all types have benefitted from increased communication, efficiency, and morale. Each organization has it's own unique story, history, and objectives. With the best of intentions objectives can become stalled for any number of reasons. Fresh objective perspectives and skilled implementation techniques can make the difference, resulting in efficacy-building success and operational goals being met.

Transactional paradigms stifle creativity and disempower key contributors. Dissatisfied, disheartened, and demotivated employees stagnate and the company suffers. People Solutions specializes in transformational leadership coaching and implementation. It is a complex and multi-dimensional paradigm shift yielding to a more relaxed and fulfilled workforce. More importantly intentional leadership increases organizational citizenship, trust, employee dignity, and cultural wellness. People Solutions realizes, with all leadership entities (from senior executives to front-line managers), the importance of cultural/environmental employee relational perceptions.  Enhancing and expanding working relationships is a key element with cohesive teams, managing change, and sustaining healthy culture. With extensive organizational development consulting experience, People Solutions understands dysfunctional workplace relationships and the liability to critical business bottom-line factors such as, efficiency, production, organizational objectives, and morale. Often times, individuals in key leadership roles do not have a full and deserved appreciation for the value and benefit of keeping these relationship factors at the forefront of workplace/organizational health. Valuable insights into individuals, groups, or organizational cultures provide leverageable awareness and understanding required for successful change.