Individuals & Organizations

Dr. Ayala uses scientific applications, a well-rounded approach, and relational insights to facilitate organizational change.

Individuals & Organizations

Transformational change using science, curiosity, quality relationships, systematic inquiry, and flexibility.

Organizational Development & Clinical Mental Health

The most effective way to achieve organizational excellence is through healthy people.

Tom Ayala PhD, Owner/Operator of People Solutions, LLC is an organizational leadership expert and a licensed professional counselor. Tom is intuitive, well-rounded, and insightful. Tom's expertise in psychology brings valuable curiosities to the table. His research interests include: generational talent, the quality of leader/subordinate relationships, employee engagement, and psycho-social influence on workplace environments. These interests inform organizational 'people' strategies.

Talent management is a growth industry. Since the global financial crisis of 2008, most industrialized economies and many industries have faced stubbornly sluggish growth. Not talent management though. According to Deloitte’s annual Human Capital Trends reports, talent has posted persistent, year-after-year growth.

Talent is about people, and no field knows more about people than psychology. Psychological approaches to talent  are distinctive in a crowded consulting market. Psychology is based in science, whereas bold conjecture and speculation meet data and empiricism. Tom's strength is that his know-how is grounded in an increasingly refined and more elegant understanding of what makes people, groups, and organizations tick: a science of how to select, motivate, develop, and retain capable people and high performing teams.

It is psychology that expands what we know about talent at work. This happens through increasingly sophisticated theory and research based on multidisciplinary integration.

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